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Techland Vision

Based on the fact the exploring the truth os our motif to achieve high technology, it is Techland’s goal.
To connect with and touch our customers.

Holding Technology

  • Application Technology for Vision
  • Application Technology for Dispenser
  • Control Technology for Rlbot & Servo
  • Design Skill for High-speed Cam
  • Application Technology for Welding (Laser, spot, ultrasonic)
  • Operation of Various PLC (siemens, mitsubishi, omron etc.)


  • The Veteran Core Technician
  • The Best Regular Overhaul & Warranty
  • A self Design & Manufacture Skill
  • Design Skill for Long Life Cycle
  • Having Company Loyalty, Responsibility(A low Turnover)
  • 70% Market Share of Pilot Scale in Korea

Z-Stacking Machine


This equipment is designed to stack the anode and the cathode which are cut off, After then, to wind & tape the cell.

Cell Size 1Ah ~ 3Ah
Capacity (PPM) 0.4 (an.12sh+ca.11sh.)
Wrapping Automatic
Cutting, Taping Automatic
Stacking Precision < 0.2mm
Electrode Loading Magazine(1,000 Sheets)
Stack Height 2~12mm
Control PLC, Touch Panel
Dimension (W x L x H) 1550x1100x2000

Electrode Supplying → Separator Supplying → Stacking → Winding → Taping → emission

Aluminum Sheet Forming Machine

Functional Feature

금형으로 Aluminum pouch sheet를 가압하여, 원하는 컵 사이즈로 성형하는 설비.

– Spacer 로 Forming 깊이 조절 가능
– 안전센서, 안전 buffer 구간 있음
– Piercing : Folding & Sealing 이 정확함
– Min #3450 Max #5060까지 형교환 가능
– 형교환 방법 : 금형 교환

Cell Size Target #3450 (Max. #5060)
Capacity (Sheet) 1
Forming Clearance < 0.1mm
Piercing Hole Φ4 Hole(4)
Depth Adjustment Block Gauge (3,4,5,6)
Forming Depth Max. 4.5l
Pouch Loading Manual
Pouch Unloading Manual
Kind of safety device Manual
Separator Tension Area Sensor, Safety Cover
Dimension (W x L x H) 500 x 500 x 700 [1.5kW]

Sheet Loading(Manual) → Start Button → Sheet Forming & Piercing

Mass Line – Polymer EV Battery


Degassing is performed in the degassing chamber after putting the tray loaded with the cell. After that, final sealing, cutting, testing and unloading the OK cell. There are one side cell dedicated line and both side cell dedicated line.
UNIT : Loading, Degassing1, Degassing 2, Final Sealing, Unloading

  • One side cell dedicated line & Both side cell dedicated line
  • 2 Degassing units are simultaneously proceed
    ( for speed, Unload 4Cells each)
  • Degassing unit : Turn Table type
  • There is loadcell in a final sealing unit
  • MES system : cell tracking possible
Production Speed 10 ~ 15 PPM
Cell Size (mm) Length 100 ~ 200
Width 120 ~ 250
Height 3 ~ 12
Capacity 20 ~ 50 Ah
Option Siemens PLC, CE Mark, UL Mark

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