Techland Vision

Based on the fact the exploring the truth os our motif to achieve high technology, it is Techland’s goal.
To connect with and touch our customers.

Holding Technology

  • Application Technology for Vision
  • Application Technology for Dispenser
  • Control Technology for Rlbot & Servo
  • Design Skill for High-speed Cam
  • Application Technology for Welding (Laser, spot, ultrasonic)
  • Operation of Various PLC (siemens, mitsubishi, omron etc.)


  • The Veteran Core Technician
  • The Best Regular Overhaul & Warranty
  • A self Design & Manufacture Skill
  • Design Skill for Long Life Cycle
  • Having Company Loyalty, Responsibility(A low Turnover)
  • 70% Market Share of Pilot Scale in Korea
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