COAD automatic door produces and build high quality products based on the exclusive technology acknowledged by engineering staffs with full know-how of a few decades as the expert construction company of industrial automatic door. We have been attracting the interest from the foreign companies around the world as well as the ones in Korea and have good reputation of the advanced Korean technology in Asia-Pacific countries especially.

The management philosophy of COAD is to enable the executives and staff members, partner companies and customers furthermore to have pride for the company as the owner of the company as well as CEO and shareholders and the company is operated by the attitude that the families of its executives and staff members use the products and services as it plans all services and system on behalf of purchaser.

We will realize COAD automatic door that grows up to the company with more responsible and contributable to the society as the one that leads the market by joining forces with me and executives and staff members.

Thank you.


Transparent price competition

We suggest the quotation and carry out the construction according to standard price table to reduce the damage of consumers against the incorrect and flexible prices without proper standard. We carry out the construction at the same price with the same products.
(delivery cost to be added in case of island area)
We provide the high-quality consulting, construction service and transparent price.

Consulting on space not simple installation

Customer makes choice and the expert takes the responsible for that choice. We maximize the traffic line in space and efficiency by various model line that suits to the local site.

Best quality and innovative service

We do our best for quality management to produce best products in the slogan of ‘Quality first for any product’ We guarantee quality management and safety construction based on the thought that COAD-Series is price of Korean automatic door.

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