Color World / Crusher World, Crutec Co., Ltd., is a top leader with quantitative supply and crusher technology in Korea industry.

Magic Color Mixer is being designated as a sole item for In-House Coloring business in SAMSUNG Electronics, LG Electronics, DAEWOO Electronics. (Korean Market share: 98%)This machinery is patented, customers’ who gives to demonstrate the cost savings we will Guarantee the performance.

Low (medium/high) speed granulator, Crusher, selector loader, super mixer, Sheet/Sheet scrap granulator, Auto supply raw materials such as holds the nation’s leading patented technology also in the rationalization device.

Also in 2012, we have developed a DustZero adopted by the world’s first turbo-cyclone expanding its domestic and international sales channels.

This product has the potential to greatly increase the competitiveness of companies give to improve the problems of molding defects, short molding products giving you remove dust and fine dust, debris, etc. contained in the original plastic crushed material.

Crutec Co., Ltd., in the market with “perfect installation and manufacture of advanced technology and know-how” has a vision of a world based on extending going, and now exports to the USA, Japan, Thailand, China, Iran, Russia, Mexico and Vietnam.

In the future, targets to expand the area around the world.

We will continue research and development up to cater to customers and to exert maximum productivity through innovation, will go through.

As a company doing their best to the development of the customer, continue to innovate and, humbly seeking of Crutec Co., Ltd.,

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