Robots make people’s lives better.

We, DAINCUBE, Inc. supply 3 essential parts of industrial Robot Controllers. These are Teach Pendants, Robot Motion Controllers and Safety Controllers (Safety PLC). We have developed “Motion Controllers” based on “EtherCAT” which is safer, more efficient and more convenient for users. In addition, we have been supplying more than 2,000 units to companies that use various industrial robots and equipment in both domestic and overseas markets.

The existence of our company is based on our corporate philosophy of “right thinking”. We are driven by our company “goal” not by the board of directors. We are assured that all employees in our company act under the “self-control” and professionalism.

We are one of the leading companies in the field of producing excellent Teach Pendants and Robot Motion Controllers. We value our clients and we give much importance to our customers. We create products and provide services tailored from our customers’ preferences.

We are Daincube!!!

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