‘SUNGWOO eNex’ puts the customer value as the first priority.

Sungwoo is founded by people who have long-experienced the field of IT and automotive, with the intention to bring everything that customers have wanted and imagined to reality.
We will share our vision of society with our customers, and will do our best to create an honest and enterprising company.

Based on our vision of ‘creating a company that provides a safe and comfortable living environment’, we will strive to become a company that serves society by practicing the following management concepts:

First, the company and the society share profits through ‘Quality Management’;
Second, We share the goals and visions of the company with customers through ‘Strategic Management’;
Third, through ‘Social Contribution’, search, actively support, and participate in the value that the company should pursue.

We focus on developing and producing the products related to telematics of the next generation, and the IT technologies related to the automotive convenience devices that are fitted to the evolution of technology and increase of the customers’ needs.
We hope you would continue to be interested and encourage our company.
SUNGWOO eNex Corporation CEO,

Sung Hwan Choi

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