We will respond to you with
a customer-oriented attitude. We believe that we exist because you are there.

I personally began to open my eyes to the history of the world as I cut my wisdom teeth.
I guess that history itself can possibly commit faults and crimes just like human beings.
I am interested in how to cure the scars of wars and issues with Koreans abroad who suffer from the aftereffects.
I hope I can contribute a little to improving these people’s living standards,with an atoning attitude.
I believe this hope will be realized naturally as our overseas business expands.

We started as an electronic components trading company specializing in Tantalum Capacitors and, later in 2004, we expanded our business
to manufacturing Super Capacitors, an eco-friendly energy storage device,that I had longed for.

Based on our technical capacities built so far, we are committed to developing new products and technologies to be the world’s best quality and service provider. We promise to relentlessly follow the VINA spirit of ‘we exist because you are there’.

We will accomplish the VINA mission of ‘We provide eco-friendly products and contribute to the building of a harmonious society through the  happiness of our members.’ Towards this, we will strive to realize our goal to become the leading company in relevant industries and create more valuable jobs.

Thank you for your sincere support for us and my best wishes to all your future endeavors.
VINATech CEO Sung, Do Kyong

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