We prioritize customer satisfaction
which is why we create premium added value beyond the quality demanded by our customers.

Daehyun Sanggong Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufac-turing of window and door hardware for all kinds of buildings,including skyscrapers and apartments with stores under the brand name of WATA.
We are, thus, working hard to create more convenient and pleasant office spaces and living environment.

We have our own planning, designing, and manufacturing facilities, as well as examination equipment that we can provide excellent quality products. Listening intently to customer opinions allows us to create the best products that our customers want.

In particular, we prevent problems that can occur from hardware design to construction with strictly prepared designs and technological support to, thus, guarantee the safety and quality of our windows and doors.

We, Daehyun Sanggong, will not rest on our laurels but will continue to ceaselessly work hard and develop technologies to provide the best-quality products in return for your interest and support.

Thank you.

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