Compressed Air Filter


  • Inlet Air Pressure: 7.0 barg
  • Design Pressure: 14 barg(50AN or lower) / 9.7 barg(65A or higher)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature for Element: 40/5 μm(Max.65 C), 1/0.1/0.01 ppm(Max.54 C)
  • Materials used under particular pressure or those made with stainless steel are custom-made.
  • A filter support should be HYF-125A or higher.
  • Filter Nomenclature
    – Filter Model: HYF-40-15AN(Filter – Filtration Rate – Connection)
    – Element Model: HYE-40-15AN(Element – Filtration Rate – Connection)
  • ‘HYE – XX – 50A (bolt)’ applies for HYF-65A or higher models. The quality can vary depending on each model. Please check quantity before placing an order.

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