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UVER is a compound word of UV (UltraViolet) + ER (Human,Better) and has a superuniverse concept of everything that can be created using UV, everyone who uses UV.

UV LED (UV light emitting diodes) is a functional light source for curing, exposure sterilization, air purification, bio and special fields
It is highlighted as a next-generation eco-friendly energy source because its energy efficiency is high, its lifetime is long lasting and it does not release any harmful component

UVER provides convergence solutions based on UV LED
Especially, we are concentrating on the development and manufacturing of curing / exposure systems and are committed to supplying systems optimized for our customers’ production processes and are doing our best to build a systematic system and manage risk so that we can create new value and provide the highest quality service by developing professional know-how and various customized products in the rapidly changing global market.

In order to create value as a global company, we have established corporations in Japan, USA and Europe, and you can meet UVER’s own optimized products everywhere in the world.

Rather than settling for the present, we will do our best to grow into a global leading company through continuous research and development and sustainable management through constant change and innovation.

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CEO & President Mr. Kang Yong-hoon

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